Well of the Moon

The Well of the Moon and its magical waters.

A magical and mysterious site, the Well of the Moon is a large fount of power located deep beneath the Lost Light Chapel's grounds. Defended by the Order of the Lost Light, it is said to have vast healing and restorative properties, though none save for the Order have entered its chamber and seen it first hand. While some debate the existence of such a miraculous pool, the Order stands by their belief in its powers.

History Edit

Of the legends surrounding this well, there are many, most of them closely kept secrets of the Order. The most accepted legend is that an ancient deity once dwelled in the lands of the Well, and in a colossal battle, was vanquished, its blood spilling into an ancient lake, thus forming the site known today. If such a battle existed, there is no known record save for what the Order has, and they are not a sharing sort. Not even the elves are aware of the validity of this claim, though in recent times, a strange cult has gained interest in the rumors themselves, and now seek its powers for their own.