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The present age of the AoD timeline. Begins around the time of Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale.

This page is a work in progress, as the official canon is still being written for Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale. Spoilers are heavy in this page. Read at your own risk. Information may be incorrect or inconsistent.

Previous Age | Current Era

The Third Creation (0 PEv3 - 300 PEv3) Edit

  • The reformatted worlds are stabilized and those lost to the Brink are restored.
  • Pantheons begin restoring order.
  • Apothis's influence falters.
  • Umetherial's influence begins to increase.
  • Taka and Hebi's campaigns against each other begin to stall and come to a crawl.

Redevelopment (300 PEv3 - 1120 PEv3) Edit

  • The disorganized kingdoms of the realms begin to reestablish themselves.
  • Brief anarchy is stabilized.
  • The worlds at first are sluggish to recover, but once they do, they boom with great prosperity.
  • Most worlds and their nations are at peace.
  • The Golden Age begins.
  • The Beginning of the Dour Ages looms.

The Dour Ages (1120 PEv3 - 2120 PEv3) Edit

  • The Influence of Chaos Fades
  • Long Period of No Change
  • No conflicts or wars, yet what is evil and good does not change, grow, or fall.
  • Almost empty, mundane existence.
  • Lasts a thousand years.

The First Age of Chaos (1120 PEv3 - 1450 PEv3) Edit

  • Set appears to Oxorin.
  • Attempts the Ritual of Ascendance.
  • First Dragon War
  • The World Nations unite to stop Set's ritual.
  • The Great War of Isilad
  • Set is pushed back and disappears.
  • Dragons continue to war amongst themselves for the last few hundred years.
  • A brief time of prosperity and light comes to the worlds again.

The Second Dour Age (1450 PEv3 - 4569 PEv3) Edit

Present/The Second Age of Chaos (4569 PEv3 - 5069 PEv3) Edit

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