The four most powerful deities, they represent the four Primordials in the universe and carry out their wishes.

Set Edit

The most powerful deity in AoD, Set is the god of Chaos and represents Apothis and his ambitions in the universe. He does as he wills, but is not always the enemy, but neither should he be accepted with open arms, lest ones downfall be assured.


Tempess Edit

The Goddess of Order representing Umetherial for the universe, she is faithful to Umetherial's instructions and remains vigilant in the defense of the worlds. She is the patron goddess of Oxorin.


Arevenius Edit

The god of Good, representing Taka. Powerful and wise, he answers only to the divine word of Taka herself, crusading against all evil beings without fail.

Zero Edit

The Archdevil who embodies evil and the void itself, Zero represents Primeval Sin and Hebi. She dwells in the Abyss, awaiting the day she carries out Hebi's wishes without fail.

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