Majoria and the three kingdoms it was founded upon.

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The Majorian Empire is one of the oldest kingdoms in human history, and was the first great empire of humanity. Originally a tiny tribe like all of the human kingdoms started as, it grew into one of the largest kingdoms of the early days of Oxorin. While fragmented and only survivors remain after its final demise, Majoria and its memory will not be soon forgotten.

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Oxorin World Map

Majoria as a whole compared with the rest of the world.

While like many of its other tribal brethren whose true origins are vague if not truly lost to history, it is known that Majoria's primary advantage early on was its ability to dominate with the power of magic. The use of magic allowed them to quickly advance the technological level of their society to a point where all of the surrounding areas soon collapsed under their strength. Originating in the western deserts, they became known for their dark pigmentation and unusual eye and hair colors as they expanded throughout the western regions of humankind.

At some point, there was three great nations of humanity, Majoria, Candora, and Elivite. While initially unwilling to work together, Candora and Elivite came together after they acknowledged Majoria's unconquerable strength to protect their homeland, the first recorded alliance in Oxorin's history. However, despite the power of the mages of Elivite and the blessing of Tempess driving Candora, Majoria could not be denied, and after centuries, all of humanity answered to the might of Majoria, who allowed its two great rivals limited autonomy so long as they acknowledged the absolute power of Majoria.

In the aftermath of its vast campaigns to unite humanity, Majoria sought to conquer the other races in turn, adopting the faith of Candora and the vast wisdoms of Elivite to aid in their attempts at conquest. However, Majoria would be foiled by the efforts of a single dwarven paladin, named Vifur Heltimen, which lead to Majoria scorning Candora and its royal family, and taking direct charge of the campaign to take Gran'Domorond, inciting a civil war between Candora, Elivite, and Majoria. This civil war allowed for the dwarven kingdom to halt the invasion of their realm, and established Vifur as a legend for his efforts.

After Candora and Elivite were crushed by Majoria, it set out for one final campaign: to sack and destroy the Tempess Temple, which had fallen into the hands of the elven kingdom Majorassil. However, as the kingdoms of Oxorin crossed blades, a mysterious being appeared, and shattered the world with one strike of his blade.

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