The Mad One
[[File:EJwNzMENwyAMAMBdGACDAw3Ot5MgQiESiVHsvqru3t4A9zHve5jNdNUpG8B-SOF7t6J851ZtY26j5nmILXxCVs2ln VSAXykQGFdMHqkFB0lwHWJnjy5GBM5hxjgObJ0fv0vsfNq5vsDldYkOA]]
Oblivion is sweet release...
Aspect of Destruction
True God of Chaos
Master of the Brink
Important Information
Gender Can be either.
Birth Date Second Primeval Era
Family None
Status Incapacitated
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Any
Height 8' 13
Blood type Quintessence
Age Infinite
Weight None
Health Incapacitated
Affiliation Apothis, Pantheon of Chaos
Weapons Vorpal, Weep
Species Primordial Avatar
Base of Operations Brink Citadel (Former) Far Realm
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Destruction of the Universe
Current Occupation Attempting Rebirth
Abilities Chaos Manipulation, Omnipotence, Brink Manipulation
Fighting Style Aspect of the Void
Partner Apothis, Primeval Sin
Team The Brink Army
Relatives -
Marital Status Single

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One of the most deadly antagonists of the Shattered Realms series, The Mad One is the avatar of Apothis, the main antagonist of the overarching main sequence stories.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Mad One's appearance differs drastically from host to host, as it is conceptually an idea as opposed to any singular being. It possesses a twisted metal helm, and ancient worn armor and cloak. The being possesses a mysterious, ethereal presence when calm, upon being agitated, a sensation akin to static electricity can be felt in the air.

The Mad One is an incredibly malevolent being, with little to no mercy in whatever could be considered a heart. It enjoys acts of violence and chaos, and goes out of its way to disrupt the peace of the worlds and create untold destruction. It would only ever truly satisfied with the absolute destruction of all of existence.

History (TBA) Edit

There is so much history and lore to this character it will take an eternity to compile and complete. I feel it best to tell you now information will be limited until we get around to recreating the original Axis of Destruction - Shattered Realms series. Time will tell when we tell of this great and terrible being's true history.

Origin Edit

Upon the disappearance of Umetherial sometime in the Second Primeval Era, Apothis sought to finally bring about the end of existence and create his ideal one. To this end, he projected his essence into a weapon named Vorpal, and sent it into the cosmos. It eventually would land on Ardor, where a foolish human paladin would encounter and use the weapon for selfish intentions, only to be usurped by Apothis' will, and become the first Mad One. The creation of this dark entity would result in the total destruction of the world...

The Shattering of Oxorin Edit

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The Brink Saga Edit

End of the World Edit

Remaining Influence and Current Relevance Edit