The Brink was a realm composed of the element of the same name, Brink. Violent and destructive, it was akin to a cancer that devoured everything in the known universe, its growth only stopped at the hands of a legendary hero, who slew the great deity The Mad One and put an end to the Brink War. Traces of Brink remain to this day in the worlds, and the monsters within are said to lurk in the deepest depths of the worlds.

Geography Edit

The Brink was known for its vast endless deep oceans of nothingness, tinted a deep dark purple. Cosmic lightning and debris is common place in this realm. Shattered worlds and worlds in the process of being consumed are scattered far and wide. The Brink was split into multiple sectors, with distinctly different behaviors.

Shallow Brink Edit

This portion of the Brink was typically found engulfing whole worlds, and typically was only located within a solar system's immediate area. Powerful winds and violent storms of Brink could be found at the point where a world's atmosphere and it crossed, occasionally leaking out into horrific storms which would put hurricanes to shame. Creatures of the Brink were common at this layer, though much weaker than their normal kin. Noted for having an almost beautiful bright cast of purple, with vibrant skies being a common side effect of the proximity of this realm.

Astral Brink Edit

The Brink becomes much more mellow at this stage, vast fields of shimmering voids of Brink all that could be seen. Much darker than Shallow Brink areas, the only things found in the Astral Brink is crystalized bodies of Brink heavily condensed, and worlds whose life has been completely drained. A dull hum, with occasional peals of thunder is the only noise one hears. The monsters in this sector are much more powerful, but rarer.

Abyssal Brink Edit

The very heart of the Brink, found where absolutely no matter or life can be found. Everything has become a dull void, a deep black abyss. While not truly black, but a faint deep purple, the sheer lack of light makes it almost impossible to see. The Brink in this sector is completely dormant, having consumed all of its energy and fuel. Monsters here are extraordinarily rare, but exist on a level of power no mortal could dream of. Mortals or any matter without protection of the highest degree are instantly destroyed by Brink Radiation.

History Edit

The Brink's exact starting point was not ever truly confirmed, but some suspect it to have been Ardor, from there, The Mad One would strike at the next most powerful world, Oxorin, and from there, the universe at large. After both worlds were destroyed, with Ardor being erased from existence, and Oxorin broken into pieces, little was left to stop the Mad One and his minions.

It would go on to spread in every direction possible, eventually consuming the entire universe and began pulling all of existence itself into a Singularity, this moment was known as the Singularity Crisis. It was only stopped after the apparent death of The Mad One, and from there, creation would be effectively reset. The Brink only exists in small traces of radiation on various worlds, but in some places it is very intense and concentrated, still a grave threat if one should enter.

Presiding Forces Edit

The Mad One was the primary ruler of the Brink, though other factions and forces claimed power over it. The forces controlling territory in The Brink are listed in order of significance.

  1. Apothis - Apothis used The Mad One to spread his Quintessence into the universe like an infection, his Avatar was both his puppet and his sword.
  2. The Mad One - The Mad One was Apothis' Avatar, but was not purely Apothis. Another being resided in the Avatar, a human paladin, whose name and existence is forever lost as a result of The Mad One's defeat.
  3. The Void Lords - Ancient primal beings of the Void exploited Apothis' actions and resided in the Brink, upon its destruction they were instantly ripped from reality once more.
  4. Quilanare - The Quilanare were massive but intelligent beings created from the Brink by the Mad One and given sentience, but unfortunately for the Mad One, they rebelled. The few surviving entities from The Brink Era would later give birth to the races of the Far Realm currently existing today, such as the Farlanders.
  5. Dijra - Although a more minor presence, some of the Dijra returned to serve their ancient lord, Apothis, and established their heavenly realms in the Brink.
  6. Demons - Another minor group, the Demons were sent from The Abyss in order to expand the Archdevil's territory in the Universe. Their strongholds were broken and pushed out during the Brink War.
  7. The Brink Crusade - A last rebellion against the Mad One by Oxorin, they swept across the Brink in an attempt to defeat the Mad One once and for all. Nearly wiped out in their war, but some survived and returned as heroes.