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Tama is the village priestess of the Hidden Village, and the foster parent of Elise. She is one of the main guardians of the village, alongside Lord Ayron. She is also one of the oldest Hawk Elves alive.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Tama is incredibly formal in her appearance, wearing traditional conservative clothing and fine white and black dresses as part of her priestly duties. She has fine jewelry, and maintains a very proper stance and posture. She has white hair and dark silver eyes. She prefers to meditate, and can do so even when in conversation, almost second nature.

Tama is quiet, reserved, and strict, hardly ever bending her iron clad mindset. She is dutiful and loyal to her cause, and is very just. She however cannot take a joke, especially at her expense, and will react poorly to pranks. She and Nel do not get along for this reason, and is one of their sources of conflict. She understands why he acts the way he does, but only wishes he be more mature.

History Edit

One of the founding members of the Hidden Village, she and Lord Ayron have been around for thousands of years, standing watch over their fragile race. In the more recent age however, she has played guardian of Elise and has raised her since the girl's parents disappeared one day. She is incredibly strict and a bit too dedicated to her work, a habit that Elise unfortunately adopted. She protects the village with her magic and divine affinity.

Role in Far East Edit

On a typical day in the Hidden Village, Tama senses something amiss, and contacts Ayron. Informing him that fate has decreed their race's impending demise, the two are somber, finally agreeing to begin a plan in secret. They wonder however if 'they' are ready, to which Ayron responds that they will have to.

Upon the day of Selections, a monster outbreak occurs, causing Tama and Ayron to call the young initiates to the Temple. They explain the truth of the situation, dismissing notions of combating the enemy, that instead, the young are to flee the village, while everyone distracts the enemy. After this, Tama tells them that one final Selection will take place, and Tama tells Nel that he will finally see what is inside the tower.

Upon him receiving the Thunderedge, she banishes the young members of the village from its boundaries, leaving them in fate's hands.

On the third day, the enemy, Cale arrives, and begins a slaughter of the entire village. Tama is powerless to watch as even Alli is slain in battle against Haro Darien, failing to revive her. Haro and her father General Havoc make their way to the Temple, where a last stand occurs, resulting in the deaths of Tama and Ayron at Havoc's hands...

Far East- Fall of Lord Ayron and Tama04:26

Far East- Fall of Lord Ayron and Tama

The Final Battle

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