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Info Edit

Sil'vea is the queen of Evivit, a separatist faction of Elves who believe in the sharing of knowledge with the world, while their mother country, Cypris, retains and conceals it. She is the mother of Iskar and wife of Erideus Torigan. She is a powerful sorceress.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sil'vea is a tall woman with light purple eyes and long green hair, wearing a crown with a wing like structure. She wears predominately blue armor and dresses, and is always seen with her magic staff. She bares special tattoos that originate from her high level affinity with magic.

She is a gentle kind woman with a love for knowledge and life, and very compassionate. She has a strong sense of duty, which has forced her to leave behind her loved ones for the sake of her people.

History Edit

When Sil'vea was younger in years, she was often curious of the outside world and oft made a nuisance of herself for her father Elmerais by traveling to neighboring nations and seeing the sights. At some point, she ran into Erideus and whisked him away on one of her adventures, and despite his protests, the two grew closer over the misadventure and would see each other multiple times, until out of nowhere, the elven princess professed her love for Erideus.

After some drama with her family and the nobles following this, she in secret consummated her marriage with Erideus, soon being determined to be pregnant. When her child was born, she tried to live with Erideus and her daughter, named Iskar in peace, but the politics of her noble lineage refused to allow it, and tore her from her child and husband, filled with regrets, it darkened her personality and made her miserable for many years, officially separating from Cypris and forming her own country of Elivite.