[[File:Sil vea by axisofdestruction-d9dktyn]]
Knowledge is a sacred treasure. All should possess it.
Queen of the Evivits
Queen Magi
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Iskar, Innkeeper
Status Active
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Green
Height -
Blood type A
Age 123
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Kingdom of Evivit
Weapons Magic Staff
Species Elf
Base of Operations Evivit
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Queen of Evivit
Abilities Magic
Fighting Style -
Partner -
Team -
Relatives Iskar (Daughter), Innkeeper (Husband)
Marital Status Married

Info Edit

Sil'vea is the queen of Evivit, a separatist faction of Elves who believe in the sharing of knowledge with the world, while their mother country, Cypris, retains and conceals it. She is the mother of Iskar and wife of the Innkeeper of Hanaru. She is a powerful sorceress.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sil'vea is a tall woman with light purple eyes and long green hair, wearing a crown with a wing like structure. She wears predominately blue armor and dresses, and is always seen with her magic staff. She bares special tattoos that originate from her high level affinity with magic.

She is a gentle kind woman with a love for knowledge and life, and very compassionate. She has a strong sense of duty, which has forced her to leave behind her loved ones for the sake of her people.

History Edit

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