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Info Edit

Rukia is the primary female protagonist of Doragon Konpaku, hailing from the Katana Clan. She is a Class B Templar.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Rukia has long blonde hair, unique to her clan, as well as blue eyes. She typically wears a blue dress underneath a layer of blue plate armor, along with the typical Templar pauldron with two blue circles, a staple of the Templar. On her back she carries her sword, a Hakobune.

Rukia is a cheerful, bright girl who doesn't easily seem phased by much of anything, and one could even dismiss her as an airhead. However, she also possesses a natural fighting spirit which rears should something come to threaten her, becoming much more serious and dangerous. This switch seems likely to happen at the mere drop of a hat.

Powers Edit

Aura Sense Edit

Rukia has the ability to sense the Aura of those around her, typically showing up as blue or red in color.

Aura Discharge Edit

The ability to discharge large quantities of Aura, beyond what normal humans can achieve. Required to access the Arcane Element.

Arcane Element Edit

A rare ability that uses weaponized Aura for defensive and offensive capabilities. Examples of this include Arcane Shock, Bolt, and Shield.

Ten no Ame Edit

Rukia's Hakobune, with the power of Water. Full capacities not yet known.

Ripple Shield Edit

Rukia creates a shield of swirling water that absorbs and reflects energy back at a target.

Bubble Magic Edit

Rukia uses an assortment of bubbles in her attacks.

Water Serpent Strike Edit

Rukia uses her power over water to create serpents which either wrap around or bite into their targets, however they are very thin and whiplike, and can be easily broken.

Great Water Serpent Strike Edit

Unlocked via her Dragon God Form, empowered version of Water Serpent Strike.

Water Magic Edit

One of Ten no Ame's key attributes, granting Rukia a wide range of abilities.

Forms Edit

Dragon Soul Transformation Edit

Dragon God Transformation Edit

History Edit

At some point, her parents were killed in an ambush, as was explained to her by her elder brother Arashi Katana. Sometime after this tragedy, Arashi gained guardianship of his sister, and kept her in a tower by her lonesome, where she would remain until the age of ten. After which, she was taken to the Templar Academy to become a Templar Initiate.

Current Events Edit

Introduction Edit

Rukia was first seen traveling to Camelot, just after graduating from the Templar Academy, remarking on the long trip, when she was caught off guard by a mysterious stranger floating in the air. After a brief exchange, the figure warns Rukia to beware a person named 'Dragon Face'. They disappear, though Rukia soon heartily dismisses them as crazy.

Arriving later at Camelot, she is greeted by a crowd of newly graduated Templar, soon after, Rukia runs into Zack and Ada, two old friends from the Academy, Zack a new graduate, and Ada their senior. After conversing with the two, Rukia eventually asks Zack on a date, much to his shock, causing him to faint. Soon after Ada presents Zack with a strange bracelet, all while being watched by a stranger.

After Zack shows Rukia the bracelet, she mysteriously faints, causing Ada to run for help, while the stranger attacks Zack in anger, his old rival Adam. In the chaos, Rukia's eyes seem to have changed and become red.

Power of the Soul Arc Edit

In her mind, she encounters a being that seems to be a dragonic version of her, along with a shadowy being that eventually proclaims to be The Black Guadian Dragon. It expresses its glee in tearing apart humanity long ago, and even bringing her own ancestor Katrina Katana to her demise, and proudly proclaims it will also kill Rukia as well, which prompts Rukia to attempt to summon her Hakobune, to no avail. Quickly realizing she is in danger, she narrowly dodges, but an idea occurs to her that if what the dragon self of her had said was true about them being in her own soul, she could in theory still use the powers of her Hakobune.

The dragon mutters begrudgingly an admittance of her skill, but soon resorts to Helghast, a powerful blast intended to outright defeat her. Summoning the power of her Hakobune, Ten no Ame, she attempts to deflect the burst with the spell Ripple Shield, but ultimately fails, the negative energy causing her to reflect on her past and fall into despair, begging for her existence to be ended, while in the Heavens, the Deities contemplate aid.

Meanwhile in the waking world, Zack defeats Adam but soon falls unconscious, appearing in Rukia's mindscape and sees a child version of Rukia. He goes to investigate, but is soon halted by the mysterious stranger who appeared to Rukia, who warns Zack that he will kill him if he gets close. The stranger reveals that it is due to the Sōru koa on Zack's arm, what he believed to be a bracelet that Rukia has fallen unconscious, and that the end result of the device being used caused a severe imbalance in Rukia's multiple souls: the Dragon, Light, and Dark souls. When asked what they should do, the stranger implies that Zack should return Rukia's souls to balance.

After delving deeper into her mind, Zack learns about her tragic childhood, and becomes angered. However, as Rukia begins to avoid Zack's prodding, her desire to hide brought out the dark manifestation of the Dragon out of hiding, revealing her transforming spiritual body.

After the stranger and Zack duel the dragon, Zack reaches Rukia and attempts to correct his mistake, but instead overcorrects and causes her to become a Dragon God. With this incredible surge of power, Rukia dispatches the Dragon but quickly begins to be overwhelmed by her power, her mind becoming swallowed by lust for power. With her mind succumbed, she attacks Zack and the stranger, incapable of reason and unwilling to let go of her power, feeling a strong need to possess more and more power.

As Rukia is about to strike down Zack, the God of Fire Arizro uses Zack to manifest and defends him from her power. Angered by his appearance, the out of control godling attempts to overpower him, but is quickly and effortlessly subdued by the ancient war god, who asks the stranger, revealed as a Black Templar to take care of the remaining situation, before disappearing.

Before returning to the real world, Zack uses the Sōru koa to undo the Dragon God Transformation on Rukia, returning her to normal, though he vows to help her get revenge on Arashi for mistreating her for so long. He soon falls unconcious, and the two are taken to the hospital by Ada Mongi and her friends.

Templar Annointment Arc Edit

After waking up, Rukia sends for Zack's company and soon reunites with her brother Arashi, who soon decides to leave after an unheard argument between the two, causing Rukia to plead with him to stay, and drawing Zack's ire, who had been walking in on the scene. After Arashi rebukes Zack for his outburst, he leaves the two, telling them to attend the Templar's Annointment and not be tardy. Rukia tells Zack he didn't need to defend her, but he cannot understand why she would think that way.

Later, after bathing herself, it appears that she has come to his home, wearing intricate jewelry and clothes, surprising Zack's father.

Trivia Edit

Rukia is one of the most frustrating characters to draw in the series, along with Dragon Face and the Black Guadian Dragon.


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