Rivia is a Puma type Anima hailing from the Ancient Forest, specifically the Recluse Swamp Anima village.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Rivia is a brown fured Puma type Anima with blonde hair and orange eyes and she possesses simple brown clothing and heavy armor. She appears as a bend of human and Puma.

Rivia is a fierce fighter who seeks acknowledgement from humanity as a legitimate race, rather than mindless monsters to be poached and hunted. While not necessarily noble, she hates mindless slaughter and fights for those not able to defend themselves like she can. She hates the idea of others being used for personal gain.

History Edit

At a young age, she and her father grew distant and bitter toward each other, due to the Baron's temper and treatment of the women of the house. Fleeing the stressful and restrictive life of a noble, she tried to hide as a commoner but was quickly found out. Being heavily beaten the following night, she viciously fought her way free and ran into the woods, where she would spend weeks if not months trying to survive.

Gradually the magic of the deep forest would slowly alter her mind and form as she had to subsist off of rodents and anything small she could grasp, and slowly turn her into an Anima, a creature more fit for survival. Sometime after this, she would find others like her in a distant swamp, and establish a small clan together.

She has returned in recent times to secure relations with humanity and cease bouts of poaching and hunting of her fellow Anima, though she will have to speak with her father once more, something she is not keen on.