Apothis, Primordial of Chaos


Umetherial, Primordial of Order

The Primordials are four conceptual beings that rule the Universes, indomitable by mortal comprehensions and considered the closest thing to a true 'pantheon' when speaking of omnipotent beings, the Deities merely being their followers and serve toward their goals. These ancient beings are responsible for the majority of conflicts, acting as driving forces for nearly every story in some manner or another. Rarely is their presence not felt in the story.

The four known Primordials are aligned with Order, Chaos, Good, and Evil, and each in turn govern one of four deities known as the Primea Gods, who in turn rule all of the deities under their pantheon, across the seven universes. To challenge a Primordial and their authority is to therefore practically challenge the whole might of the gods. It is believed that the amount of power a Primordial has is so vast that even if a being were created with all the Quintessence of the seven Universes and rose to challenge one, the Primordial could still crush them in mere nanoseconds, and no amount of force could even dent the full might of these beings.

Primordials may also grant divinity to a select few mortals who catch their eye that best represent their values, and these deities are said to rival even the original Primea Gods. The Primordials are a mysterious group of beings, in that their visage is consistently varied across their many followers, to a point none can agree on their form. This is due to the Primordials being 'influenced' by the perceptions these followers have toward their Concept, meaning one Primordial may seem godly and holy in countenance to one man, but to another like a great demon or calamity.

The Primordials are so in fact attuned with the Universes that their destruction would issue forth the end of existence itself, save for Taka and Hebi, whose destruction would greatly impact morality across the realms. Perhaps it is a good thing no mortal has the power to directly challenge such terrors...