Pito Magi
[[File:Pito Magi]]
A Basic Mage. With some caution, this one will be a breeze.
Important Information
Gender Male, Female
Birth Date -
Status -
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Light Brown, Orange
Height {{{height}}}
Blood type Unknown
Age 10-15
Weight {{{weight}}}
Health Fair
Affiliation Pitos
Weapons Bronze Rod
Species Pito
Base of Operations Caves, Mountain Regions
Quests Investigate the Pito Caves
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Aristocrat of Pito Society, Knowledge Keeper, Scholar
Abilities Basic Magic, Minor Curses, Barrier Magic, Multicast
Fighting Style Five Elements
Partner None
Team -
Relatives Pito Warrior, Pito Shaman, Pito Grunt
Marital Status -

The Pito Magi are an elite class of the tribal clans of the Pito race. Much more intelligent than their peers, they and the Shamans live in the aristocracy of the Pito societies, often living in more established dwellings, like brick lined caves. They can use magic effectively, but are not the most powerful spellcaster in the world. That said, these magic users are still very dangerous.

Appearance Edit

Pito Magi typically are distinguished by their distinct white wolf masks and green and grey tunics, usually letting themselves grow long blonde, orange, or brown hair. Their tails are the largest of the classes in Pito society. The most adept ones at magic can be seem with the five elements floating about them. They are commonly seen wielding bronze tier weapons.

Location Edit

The Pito Magi can be found in the Magister's Quarter of the Pito Caves, and are the second most powerful type of enemy in the caves. It is rare to find one of these spellcasters outside of the sanctuary of their home.

Battle Tactics Edit

Pito Magi will immediately deploy a Barrier spell and a Mass Weaken spell at the start of combat. They will generally proceed to use their bronze rods or use one of five elemental magic spells. Every four turns, a warning states that the Pito Magi is preparing a Multicast. The following turn, the Pito Magi will begin instantly using one of each five elements, and will always strike first until they use all five elements on the party. The attacks are random, so keep Soul Spheres handy before the fourth turn ends, else the Pito Magi could potentially deliver a fatal blow to your party.