Monsters in Axis of Destruction range in origins and behavior. Depending on the world they are located in, any number of reasons may exist for their existence. This page explains such details as well as how they differ from other worlds and lore.

Shattered Realms Edit

Monster Categories Edit

Monsters in SR have a huge number of variations and types. Listed below are types currently registered as a monster type that the Player can deal extra damage towards. Ones that may need further elaboration are given extended information.

  • Undead -

Weak to Holy Smite

  • Beast -

A designation refering to an enemy with an animal like trait. Creatures like Pitos are a primary example, as well as all animal enemies such as wolves. -Weak to Amputate

Weak to almost nothing, Lancers are a hard counter to them.

  • Humanoid -

A class of monster bearing a distinct humanoid shape, such as bipedal legs and hands. Can be intelligent. All playable races have this distinction. -Wide range of weaknesses, but generally weak to Amputate.

  • Plant -

A manner of plant capable of causing harm to the Player. Not necessarily sentient, but is within realms of possibility. Horde Tree is an example of one. -Best slain with Havoc Blade

  • Divine -

Countered by Reaping Shroud

  • Infernal -

Countered by Reaping Shroud

  • Abomination -

Monsters who do not exist naturally. These creatures are incredibly varied. Examples include Dragon Imp, Harpy, and Naga. -Weak to Holy Smite

  • Spirit -

A phantom or otherwise incorporeal being. Typically ghosts are given this trait, though Nature Spirits also fall under this category. -Weak to Holy Smite

  • Elemental -

A monster that is composed of an element or hails from the Primal Plane. -Can be harmed with appropriate elements, Element Break, and Havoc Blade.

Far East Edit

Monster Categories Edit

Monsters in Far East originally hail from the Shadowplane, a distant realm. Before this, monsters were almost unheard of. Exceptions include Beasts and Dragons.

  • Naturalized: Naturalized Monsters are daytime and nighttime dwellers, and are much weaker than their dark roaming cousins, the Shadow Abominations. These creatures appear as various normal monsters on average. While originally Shadow Abominations, being away from the Shadowplane has made them into creatures of flesh who now act as normal members of the world. While less dangerous, they can still pose a threat on occasion.
  • Lierat

    Shadow Abomination

    Shadow Abomination: Monsters of the night, they appear in dark and twisted ways, often a cruel mockery of something natural. The most common types, such as Shadow Wolves, barely resemble nature, while the more powerful Abominations are otherworldly if not alien. They hail from the Shadowplane and are incredibly antagonistic toward Elleamore inhabitants.
  • Human: The third major kind of enemy, considering their role in Far East's story.


Monsters in most AoD games are created on the actual map and only by running into them will combat start. They are typically fought in turn based combat. Random Encounters are not used often in games.