Elivite under its original banner.

Info and History Edit

A ancient kingdom from the early years of man's glory on Majoria, Elivite was one of the Three Kingdoms, created at a time of unity between the human race, when primitive tribes culminated into small nations and kingdoms, an age of castles and fortresses. Made up of mostly elf-human hybrids who would eventually become the Elivite race for which the nation would be named after, Elivite was the smallest of the Three Kingdoms, and the first to fall to the Majorian Empire. For a brief time, it declared an alliance with Candora, but was soon broken by Majoria's military might.

World of SR

Elivite as controlled by the elves.

In present times, Elivite was revived by a branch of elves believing in sharing their ancient and vast knowledge of the world and magic with mankind, lead by Sil'vea, their queen. In the elven tongue, it is known as Evivit.

Demography Edit

Elivite is composed of a number of races, most common being the Elivite defectors from Cypris.

Diplomacy Edit

Cypris Edit

Cypris and Elivite as of current years do not see eye to eye in regards to politics involving knowledge and freedom of information, and especially magic. Military wise they do not come to blows, but do not respect each other's views. Trade remains open and the sister nations are in talks, but may never truly come to terms.

Majoria Edit

When in human control, Elivite despised the imperials and dreamed of seeing a day when the empire fell, and fall it did, but Elivite would not survive the destruction of the world in the Brink Era, it exists only in memory. As Majoria no longer stands, Elivite of today has no stance on them, though they would have likely been highly engaged in magical learning and knowledge.

Candora Edit

The human nation of Elivite was on neutral terms with Candora in their early years, but quickly joined with Candora to fight off the Majorian Invasion, but to no avail. When Elivite and Cypris feuded, it was out of a desire to tell the world of Candora's passing, as the elves of Cypris were content to let Candora fade into nothing but a memory.

The Southern Commonwealth Edit

The Commonlands, a region of small towns, cities, and independent states, is one of the protected realms under Elivite's protection, even as the Great Kingdoms clash to the North, their warfare is unable to bypass Elivite and their allies, dedicated to maintaining the liberty of the Commonlands.

Government (TBA) Edit