Katrina Katana
[[File:Katrina Katana]]
A proud legend, but what lies beyond the fable?
Founder of the Templar
Queen of the Seven Blades
The Living Goddess
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Chiron Katana (Husband), Katana Clan (Descendants)
Status Deceased
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height -
Blood type B
Age 34 (Time of Death)
Weight -
Health Deceased
Affiliation Templar, Katana Clan
Weapons Katanas, The Seven Kami Sureiyā
Species Human
Base of Operations -
Quests Defeat the Guadian
Previous Occupation(s) Clan Leader of the Katanas, Leader of the Templar Coalition
Current Occupation -
Abilities Light Magic, Fire Magic, Ice Magic, Water Magic, Lightning Magic, Earth Magic, Divine Aspect, Dragon Aspect, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Condition
Fighting Style Katana Clan Quickdraw, Absolute Dominion
Partner Chiron
Team The Legendary Blades (Mongi, Zion, Katrina)
Relatives Chiron, Katana Clan
Marital Status Married

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Info Edit

Katrina Katana is a legendary figure among the Templar, known for singlehandedly uniting the Zion, Mongi, and Katana Clans into a single fighting force against the Guadian Horde, and is forever immortalized for her sacrifice to slay the Black Guadian Dragon, and assuring the end of the war. She is dear to the memory of all of mankind. She is the ancestor of all current members of her clan, such as Rukia Katana and Arashi Katana.

Images Edit


Katrina Katana and the assembled Templar, with Chiron, Mongi, and Zion all present.


Katrina Katana in her last battle with the Dragon.