The Kabula, as referred to in the plural sense, and Kabul when speaking of individuals, are a race of space fairing monsters under the Elucid category. They are some of the most common Elucids, and even at the bottom of the power tier, the Kabula can easily decimate cities unchecked, requiring a constant battle with their known hives to cull their populations. They are known man eaters.

Physiology Edit

The Kabula range from dark brown to a blood red color, most of their body's mass comes from their singular, large eye in the center, which are always a shade of red with yellow sclera. It possesses two thin tendrils on its side which serves as a sort of brain, while its four upper spikes serve as protective shielding as well as ion generators. The four smaller spikes are its four canines, used to pierce the skull. They have powerful muscles and can crush human bone with ease.

Like all Elucids, this creature withholds its strength initially and appears in a 'weaker' form, which resembles a segmented sphere with a singular eye. When it is damaged enough to become enraged, powerful regenerative chemicals surge through the bloodstream and cause its teeth and conductive spikes to unfurl, and its tendrils to flow freely. While not as aerodynamic, its firepower is more than doubled, able to discharge powerful ion blasts and surges of electricity that melt whole buildings.

Media Edit


'Normal' Kabula

Kabul Keter

Keter Kabula

Battling Kabuls- Keter Encounter!

Battling Kabuls- Keter Encounter!

Combat with Keter Kabulas.


The Kabula in its Initial Stage, and its Keter Stage.