Indervious is a miniboss who chooses quizzes and intellect over conventional fighting, but switches to such if the Player is incapable of answering correctly or deliberately fails. He has a flair for self glorifying and is generally an overly proud individual.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Indervious is a blue skinned Ice Devil with red robes and purple armor, with dark purple hair and purple tattoos. He possesses long black claws, and is only seen halfway, rising from a black smog.

Indervious is incredibly self glorifying, and is very boastful about his greatness, hence his self given name of 'the Infallible'. He does not like to lose, but can be chivalrous on occasion. He enjoys challenges and puzzles, and hates brute strength as the only deciding factor.

Stats and Battle (TBA) Edit

Trivia (His Favorite) Edit

He and Caldera do not appear to get along, despite being siblings. She thinks incredibly low of him, despite her unique nature as a tactician over being a Succubi, as most of her sisters are.

Indervious was conceived as a genie type character, and was made to be a reoccurring, amusing variation of the standard mini boss. He isn't meant to be fought seriously, and this reflects in his very standard, meager boss mechanics. He is able to fight with great power, so assuming he will not kill you is a dangerous mistake.

Indervious is less evil and more pompous. Most Devil characters are strictly evil, Indervious is not the norm and will not likely be seen as a major plot character for this reason. He is more of a joke character.

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