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Info Edit

Harpy is a miniboss encountered at the halfway point of the West Halls of the Lost Light Chapel. It is one of the enemies that can be spared.

Basic Stats Edit

HP 8000
SP 2500
STR 200
DEX 209
AGI 218
INT 206
ATK 158
PDF 270
MDF 270
EVA 20
EXP 309
Gold 382

Tactics Edit

Harpy possesses a standard attack, ice, wind, and a delay spell as standard abilities. Upon bringing the Harpy down to 4000 HP or less, the Harpy can no longer be spared and has to be killed. She gains access to Greater Ice and Greater Wind at 70% HP, and finally at 40% she gains Mass Ice and Wind as her final spells. Waiting 15 turns rather than choosing to fight back will break Harpy's fighting spirit, saving the character Illia from the Death Route. Killing her results in Iskar becoming hostile and resulting in the Phase 1 Storyroute.