Gaze upon true darkness...
Primordial of Evil
Lord of Abominations
King of Corruption
Important Information
Gender Male (Presented as)
Birth Date First Primeval Era
Family Taka (Sister), Umetherial (Creator)
Status Alive
Eye Color White
Hair Color None
Height Infinite
Blood type Quintessence
Age Infinite
Weight Infinite
Health Immortal
Affiliation Evil
Weapons -
Species Primordial, Demon/Devil
Base of Operations The Abyss
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Primordial of Evil
Abilities Ultimate Evil, Corruption, Demonification, Manipulation, Primordial Darkness
Fighting Style -
Partner Zero, Primeval Sin
Team -
Relatives Taka, Umetherial, Apothis
Marital Status Single

Hebi is the supreme Primordial of Evil, leader of the Demon and Devil armies. He desires only destruction and

wickedness, and constantly wars with Taka. He has thus far, remained elusive and out of sight, acting from the darkest corners of the universe. Unlike Umetherial and Apothis, he and Taka can perish, though only temporarily. The source of all evil actions, as well as the king of every deceitful being, what his plans are remain unknown.

He is known to ally with Apothis, though for the sake of his own existence, he is known to also side with Umetherial.

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