Hanaru Village

Town Center

Info Edit

Hanaru is one of the smallest human nations, and is one of the weakest ones within the realm as well. Dependent on the protection of the elves of Cypris and Elivite, as well as the kingdom of Ardin to the north, Hanaru is largely a trade and farming center, often passed through but overlooked by various travelers of the Southern Commonwealth.

It is the main town of Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale.

Culture Edit

Hanaru is an isolated culture that largely cares little for outside affairs, focused more on everyday life. The people live often in a simple minded culture, compared to some of the other nations, the people are less educated. Magic and other supernatural things are regarded with fear and distrust, magic users are often refereed to as witches or monsters despite the common practice outside their borders.

The village is ruled by Baron Radel, a prominent trader and former tactician who rose to power after creating the village's military after a major Orc raid several years past, and has since helped make the town thrive amidst its otherwise lowly status.

Notable Locations Edit


Hanaru Inn

Hanaru Inn

Hanaru Fortress

West Trade Center

East Storage Center


Hanaru Fortress

Iskar's Home

North Grove

Hanaru Academia

Hero's Shrine

Inhabitants Edit


Radel's Home



Baron Radel

Prophet Me'zhad


Iskar's Home






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