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The Guadian are a race of animal and monster-like beings with a distinctive ability to infect humans and transform them into Humanform Guadian. This alone is the fuel for much of the hatred of the Guadian. There are immeasurable types of Guadian, but they have never been seen in an aquatic form.

Guadian have no unique will, instead they are believed to have a singular conciousness, excluding Humanforms, who are believed to have have intellegnce as a evolutionary advantage over their kin.


Known history dictates that the Guadian first appeared at least four hundred years ago, though the exact time and cause of their appearance is lost to time. All that is known is that around that time, the Guadian were initially docile, but suddenly and violently began to assault towns and cities in great numbers. This lead to the eventual formation of the Clans, individual pockets of humanity with unique ansestoral powers. Among these were the Katana Clan, which eventually moved in an effort to defeat the Guadian Horde. Sometime after the establishment of the Katanas, Katrina Katana rose to power and began united the Clans with the aid of Lord Mongi and Lord Zion to defeat the Guadian horde.

The Black Guadian DragonEdit

The Guadian were eventually routed by the combined efforts of humanity and began to falter. It is at this time that the Black Guadian Dragon appeared. It is unknown how it came to be, only that its power was immeasurable. Forced to fall back, many of the Templar Army was defeated, only the sacrifice of Katrina Katana stopped the Dragon's rampage. To this day, its bones remain, a silent remind of the horrors that once raged long ago.


The Guadian are currently 'leaderless', though it is not clear if the Black Guadian Dragon led them or not. It is suggestable from history that it somehow organized them into an actual army, though no conclusive evidence of this exists. Under the proposed theory, the suspected organization works like this:

  1. Will of the Guadian: It is believed by some the Guadian operate as a hivemind, and share collective intellegence.
  2. Black Guadian Dragon: The dragon may have some connection to the Will and the collapse of the Guadian Horde.
  3. The Guadian Generals: Elite Humanform Guadian who directly were appointed by the Dragon, their status is unknown.


Guadian are classified into two large groups, based on being either Natural Born or Humanform.

  • Natural
    • Are any Guadian who take the form of some manner of beast. The most common variety found.
  • Humanform
    • Are the rarest, has human natural form, with animalistic modifications via infection.


The exact nature of Infection is unclear, but is believed to be mainly reproductive in nature, meant to create stronger, superior versions of the Naturals. An infection is started by wounds inflicted by a Guadian's natural weapons, or by more violating methods. After infection, it begins to manifest as a form of white liquid, which spread inside and outside of the body. This is suspected to be genetic material created from the victim's own cells.

The corruption then manifests as large Guadian Growths, appearing in the form of tentacles or spikes, often at the shoulder region. Once the brain, heart, or any other major organs are infected, the human is doomed to Transformation into a Guadian Humanform. Their free will is taken from them, and they become like other Guadian, and continue their curse onto another.