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The World of Far East. Far East is an upcoming title of AoD, and will launch at the conclusion of AwaKen.


Elleamore is a massive continent with three major political factions. The land is cooler towards the center of the continent, where the mountain ranges are found. To the West are vast forests, while the East holds vast warm plains and tropics to the southern end.



Elleamore ingame

The center region, sometimes known as the Central Ranges, is a region with greatly varying mountains, mesas, and valleys. Nations include Cale, Emtha, and the Hidden Village of the Hawk Elves. To the west of this region is Blackwood, a vast expanse of thick forest that is imfamous for being the home of countless terrors. Hawk Elves are rumored to live deep within. The rest of the Central Ranges lie beyond Black Wood, and border the West Enclave.

The West Coast is home to countless acres of forest, and beautiful sea cliffs and beaches. To the south of the region is a small region of tropical forests, located within the nations of Mov' and Hanas. To the north are great pine forests and a much more polar climate.

The East Coast is a vast coastal plain, much of the land, reaching all the way to Cale, is nothing but flat plains, with small ancient forests scattered throughout. Its northern shores are much colder than the surrounding lands, while the Southern Wilds are dense tropical forest untouched for years.

Factions and NationsEdit

There are three major Factions of Ear East.

  1. East Enclave: Home to city elves, who pride in the beauty of civilization.
    1. Eversont: Capital of the East Enclave.
    2. Moli
    3. Had'le
    4. Bel'est
    5. Eli'dale
    6. Turn
    7. Emtha
  2. West Enclave: A people of Forest Dwelling Elves, they adore the serene wonders of nature.
    1. Kentara: Capital nation of the West Enclave.
    2. Bell
    3. Austa
    4. Elimore
    5. Auki
    6. Benie
    7. Mov'
    8. Hanas
    9. Hidden Village: A small village of Hawk Elves kept secret and protected by the West Enclave.
  3. Cale: Cale is the sole human kingdom, and is extremely agressive to the elven nations.


  • Humans: A minority in the world of Far East, very adaptable to most climates, espically in the land of Cale. They are rare outside of the human nation.
  • Forest Elves: A sub species of elf, they are graceful hunters and protectors of forests.
  • City Elves: Elves who prefer the complexity of civilization to the simple pleasures of nature.
  • Hawk Elf: A rumored elf species, some consider them the first elves, and some even speculate their wings hold great healing power in their feathers.
  • Monsters: Vile beasts which torment the peace of the land.