Elves are a common low tier race in the world of Oxorin and Elleamore, most commonly found in the Senerai. They are distinguished by wildly varying hair colors as well as eye colors, and possessing pointed ears and inhuman grace and beauty.

They are highly adept with magic and are far stronger than a normal human, and can live for hundreds of years. The strongest of them possess magic tattoos that distinguish their prowess with magic. They are descendants of the Highborn, and ancestors to the Humans.

Phenotypes Edit

Elivit Edit

Elivit are forest dwelling elves, most notable for green hair and various eye colors. They are tall elves, at least a head taller than their human counterparts gender wise. They are well adept with magic, and are intensive bookworms by nature, coveting knowledge and hoarding it like dragons.

Pilpoli Edit

Pilpoli are defined by round, childlike features, living lifespans longer than several thousand years, and high magic affinities making them excellent Awakeners and retainers of high quantities of elemental energy. They are mostly found in forested, high magic worlds, and are the shortest elf species, around the same height as average humans, if not slightly shorter. They are almost universally friendly, compassionate elves, but those who stray toward darkness are that much harder to notice. Examples include the Hawk Elf.

Lumin Edit

The Lumin are pale skinned, fair elves whose bodies glow with ethereal power. They are found closer to the center of their universes, and are rarer outside the Heavenly Realms. Magic flows through them like blood, in fact without the presence of it, they would fall to madness and die. They are essentially immortal and are the longest living elves. These luminous elves, along with the Solaire, are the two species of elves most commonly thought of when referring to an elf.

Solaire Edit

The closest elves to their ancestors, the Highborn(aside from Hawk Elves), the Solaire have little to do with their stars, despite the name. The name comes from their grandiose lifestyles compared to other elves, in addition to being the most knowledgeable, they have the most advanced culture. They are incredibly beautiful, but they are often vain, leading to them being isolated from 'lesser races'. They secretly lust for the ethereal nature of the Lumin, the two are a perpetual rivalry.

Hindr Bred Edit

Half breeds come in many forms, but a few universal traits are noted, chief among them heterochromia, and a bias towards their parent elven traits. They possess the rare ability to evolve naturally into their parent elven linage with time. Can live to 200 years old.

Paleos Edit

Traditionally pale or dark skinned elves, the Paleos are thin and clever, possessing red, white, or purple eyes, and typically dark hair colors. They are subterranean by default, but are perfectly capable of above ground interactions. Typically geared toward violence more than the other types of elf. Their magic is far more simple and to the point, as opposed to the more sophisticated elves.