Dream Dance Suite

Dream Dance Suite

Themes play during Dreamspawn Event Battles.


A Slicer, a low level variety Dreamspawn.


Dreamspawn are the primary monster/mob encountered in AwaKen, with countless species and varieties existing, many possibly still unknown.


Dreamspawn have been in existance as long as Awaken has, seemingly following every move he makes. It is unknown if they are loyal to him, or if they merely are opportunistic and taking advantage of the situation to attack. This seems unlikely, as even after Awaken is destroyed countless times, they continue their attacks on humans unabated, although not as intensely.


Dreamspawn are a massive 'genus' of monster, with possibly millions of species and varieties. Common themes are appearnces based on the element they use, or style of fighting. Most dreamspawn appear grey, though they often bare other colored markings, commonly gold or red. Most of them appear artificial, rarely appearing as if they are living organisims. 


Dreamspawn have a number of catagories which help the Mangus Knights understand their enemy.

  1. Ele: 'Ele', or 'Elemental', refers to Dreamspawn with appearances related to an element, such as Ice. The Elechill is an example of this.
  2. Mina: 'Mina', or 'Minus', are Dreamspawn with artificial appearing bodies, all incorperating a humanoid body in some fashion with a hole in their chest. An example of a Minus are the Slicers.
  3. Plui: 'Plui', or 'Plus', are a diverse race of Dreamspawn, with countless varieties. Commonly taking the form of conventional monsters, they lack the holes in their bodies Minus have. An example are the Kracktos.
  4. Eco: 'Eco' or 'Natural', are Dreamspawn with appearances related to natural things, like plants and animals. These Dreamspawn are very rare, if not extinct. No known examples living.


Dreamspawn can be found almost anywhere, but are espically common in Dungeuns as well as Regions. They never appear in towns unless it is a Event encounter. The strongest live in the dungeuns, while the more average Dreamspawn can be found in Regions through the moon.

Dreamspawn have not been seen on Ardor since the last Awaken incident five hundred years ago. The Mangus are currently waging a war to wipe them out once and for all on the moon.


The known themes of the Dreamspawn are the three main battle themes played throughout the game:

  • Servants of Awaken, default battle theme of all battles
  • Dream Dance Verse 1, minor Dreamspawn Event Battle
  • Dream Dance Verse 2, major Dreamspawn Event Battle.