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The Cult of Chaos, originally known as the Brink Cult, is an organization with a fanatical obsession with the cosmic force of Chaos itself, believing it is their divine duty to spread Chaos through the worlds. Among their ranks are many spellcasters, radicals of the political world, and criminals. All of those who scorn Order are welcome among their ranks.

Doctrine Edit

The Cult has two major sects, those who take a more responsible approach to Chaos, carefully considering their actions and change, while the second sect has a darker, more sinister implication, focused on anarchy and destruction. Both sides work together, but there is some signs of distrust, the Cult in the future could suffer separatists. For good or for evil, the Cult's presence means the certain disruption of the order of things.

History Edit

Hundreds of years prior to the events of Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale, the cult first appeared, as fanatics focused on the worship of the power of the Brink and The Mad One. They were a major addition to The Mad One's forces, and their dark manipulations nearly caused the downfall of the worlds multiple times, finally defeated before the final battle of the Brink War, in fact, their knowledge of the Brink was in the end used against The Mad One to find and breach his fortress and secure victory. With the fall of The Mad One, the Cult crumbled and for many years was suspected to be in total ruin.

Hundreds of years later with minor uprisings, the Cult was eventually brought together again by a new mysterious leader, and with him, a new age of glory would soon follow for this ancient cult...

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