Fear the endless winds of the Abyss!
Vice Lord Caldera
Warlock of the Blizzard
Princess of Vanity
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Arzo (Father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height -
Blood type Quintessence
Age 300
Weight -
Health Excellent
Affiliation 2nd Wave Forces
Weapons Chakram
Species Devil (Frost)
Base of Operations Sacred Valley (Temp) Zatura (Main)
Quests Defeat Caldera
Previous Occupation(s) Princess of Arzo
Current Occupation Invasion of Oxorin
Abilities Dark Magic, Blizzard Magic, Corruption, Demonification
Fighting Style -
Partner -
Team -
Relatives Arzo (Father)
Marital Status Single

Info Edit

Caldera is an upcoming boss to Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale, and will be one of the first bosses encountered in the Overworld. She is an Ice Devil located in the Sacred Valley, with an unknown nefarious motive.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Caldera is a blue skined Ice Devil with black hair and blue eyes. She wears a red set of pauldrons and what appears to be red leather clothing. She has a long pointed tail, and a blue Chakaram. She possesses a set of horns and wings as well. A series of purple magical tattoos can be found on her body.

Caldera unlike most female Ice Devils is not a Succubus, rather, she is an intelligent, cunning, and overall devious individual. She bares some characteristics of desire for the opposite sex, but overall is focused more on her ambitions. She seeks to become an Archdevil and craves power. She is more than willing to cause harm to others to achieve this goal.

Story Edit

Caldera is never directly seen until the final battle with her, but has had a heavy hand in events until the encounter. She unleashed a mighty blizzard spell upon the region to snuff out the life of all in the valley and to turn them into her pawns, and kidnapped the daughter of the local village elder, Awakener Belladona, with the intent of unleashing the Frozen Primal upon the world, the elemental plane of frost.

If the Player saved all of the imprisoned villagers, Caldera realizes the extent of the Player's strength and desires them as one of her own. Refusing causes the battle to begin, while accepting causes a unique game over that alludes to an era with little to no future, as Caldera and the corrupt Player and Belladona have frozen the world and instilled their dominion over it.

Failing to find all of the prisoners as well as not beating Caldera in the second phase in a certain time limit causes Belladona to be corrupted, forcing the player to fight the two of them and kill them.

With Caldera's defeat, the valley is returned to normal.

Stats and Battle Edit

HP 10599
SP 4789
STR 20
DEX 50
INT 100
AGI 120
ATK 20
PDEF 200
MDEF 190
EVA 15
EXP 260
GOLD 300
Shattered Realms- Mortal Tale- Boss- Caldera07:24

Shattered Realms- Mortal Tale- Boss- Caldera

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