Brink Dragons are a corrupt, twisted version of Dragons created by The Mad One, and are some of the most powerful Dragons in existence, though are now very rare. They were used as The Mad One's trump cards in battles against Oxorin, and were often named 'World Killers', able to destroy entire worlds in a matter of weeks.

A Brink Dragon is guarding the entrance to the World Scar in Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale, and will be an End Game boss.

Appearance Edit

Brink Dragons are composed purely of Brink Crystals, their interior a vile mass of raw condensed Brink. They appear to have six to eight eyes, and have an emancipated appearance. They are massive four legged dragons, as large as cities. They come in two varieties, Destroyers and Tyrants. Destroyers cannot fly and bear six legs instead of four, and are akin to crocodiles in appearance and overall stature. Tyrants are nimble, and much smaller, having large wingspans enabling far and swift flying.

Threat Level Edit

Brink Dragons would have been encountered later in the Brink Saga and would have been considered a boss enemy, only rarely showing up. In the Singularity Crisis, they would have been counted as normal enemies.

In lore, a single Brink Dragon was fabled to have reduced an entire world to ruin.

In Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale, a lone Brink Dragon stalks the entrance to the World Scar and will instant kill the player until End Game, when they can be found as a Secret Boss.