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Awakener Belladona is a potential boss in Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale. She is encountered during the Sacred Valley arc.

History Edit

Belladona was born in Saliden Village, and was eventually discovered to have control over the elements, an Awakener. Eventually raised as a priestess, she lead a devout life serving the Slumbering Goddess, a mysterious goddess in a deep slumber beneath the Sacred Valley, up until one fateful day, when blizzards ravaged the valley, and the people began to turn into monsters. Going to pray to the Goddess, she was captured by the culprit, Caldera, who had sinister intentions for the young Awakener...

Role Edit

Sacred Valley Arc Ending 1 - Optimal Edit

Upon saving all ten villagers in Caldera's Keep, the Player makes their way to the top of the mountain, where they confront Caldera, in a bid to save Belladona and the rest of the world before Belladona can be turned into an Ice Devil and awaken the Frozen Primal.

Besting Caldera in combat, thanks to the aid of the Slumbering Goddess, the Player is able to stop Caldera's ritual and free Belladona. After bringing her back to the village, it is discovered that Belladona is now scarred by the ritual, and is now part devil and can no longer serve the Goddess.

She later laments her loss of humanity but thanks the Player for her life and will direct them to where they can find the location of the Goddess' temple.

Sacred Valley Arc Ending 2 - Death Edit

Should the Player fail to stop Caldera in time, or fail to rescue all ten Villagers, Caldera will transform Belladona into an Ice Devil with the power to freeze the world. After both are slain, the Player returns to the village, the village Elder becomes distraught and is not seen again, locked away in his house.

The Player can still find the Temple, but without the directions of Belladona.

Sacred Valley Arc Ending 3 - Corruption Edit

Belladona and the Player become twisted into Ice Devils by Caldera, and the world becomes encased in ice, now dark servants of the mighty ice devil.

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