Awaken is the titular character of the AwaKen series, and the main antagonist. He constantly appears as a large and consistently overpowering force in the game, and has the most themes of any character in the game.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Awaken is a shapeshifting being, making it difficult to determine what his true form is. However he always has an 'eye' motif, making it easy to identify him. He typically has a grey coloration, with piercing, staring blue eyes. Tentacles are also not an uncommon design scheme.

Awaken is a very philosophical being in nature, as well as being very manipulative, often directly calling into question the beliefs and opinions of others, and exploiting their emotional and mental weaknesses. Even though he is not above fighting, he surprisingly would rather speak than fight. He is generally known to have a powerful voice, though it can also have a subtle tone, used when speaking through dreams.

History Edit

Awaken first appeared when Ze brought Humanity to Ardor, with the intent of returning them to the realm before. Awaken lost the battle, but Ze made the mistake of assuming Awaken had been vanquished forever. Awaken returned much later, when Ardor had been complete, and the population of Ardor had grown to the point Ze began crafting a new world, which would become the Moon.

However, Awaken struck while Ze was distracted with the Moon, and blew up over half of Ardor with a single strike of Neutral, his infamous attack. This forced Ze to cancel his work to protect what was left of Ardor and start again.

Many years later, Awaken returned against after his second defeat, and created chaos once more, this time with an army of Dreamspawn. Humanity had been empowered by Ze with the Mangus Knights, and so engaged in war. When Humanity realized they could not defeat Awaken with pure force, they devised a way to seal him away in the Moon. To this day, he remains locked away, but only time will tell if he will make his return...

Themes Edit

Eyes That See - First Awaken Theme

Pain of Reality - Second Awaken Theme

Ytilaer Detpurroc - Third Awaken Theme

Dark Siren - Fourth Awaken Theme

Crushing Nightmare - Awaken Final Boss 1

Dread of Awakening - Awaken Final Battle

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