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Anima are a race of animal like humanoids who fall under the mammal family. Ranging from cats, dogs, bears, deer, and various other animal types, the Anima exist as a loosely tied group, and are predominately found in natural locations.

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Anima are an example of Evolution and Devolution, in which wild animals or lost human children come into contact with wild magic and are gradually transformed into an animal like humanoid based on their personality, environment, and prior history.

When human children are abandoned or run away from home into the wild, if they encounter a place of magic and are subsequently taken in by wild animals, a gradual process of Devolution begins to alter the child as they begin to become one with the nature around them, enabling them to survive in the wild as an Anima. If they retain their sentience and basic social abilities, they will retain their new sense of self, but if they fully are enveloped by their feral nature, they will in time become nothing more than beasts.

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Anima are heavily tribal based, and often rely on a matriarchal system or a patriarchal system, and have little known architecture, simply using the land around them as their shelter or homes, often residing in cave systems or under heavy canopies. They do build shelters if they have no alternative, but make them as a temporary structure, ready to move if needed. The strongest are usually the ones who rule over the others, the Alpha and their mate will often co lead.

The Anima are one with the land, and are one of the few cultures who practice Druidism and Shamanism. They dislike advanced city life and will long to return to the forest and the wild. Herbivore and Carnivore tribes will rarely attack one another save for territorial reasons, they prefer not to indulge in cannibalism, but they usually never mix.

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Anima are found typically near the forests of Cypris, Elivite, and Elkwood, or any other heavily forested region, but can be found in all sorts of biomes. Anima populations are usually low and difficult to detect, as while intelligent, they only will consort with one another in most situations. Possibly the largest known colony of these beings are within the Southern Commonwealth, an isolated region compared to the Northern Kingdoms.

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