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Alli is the aunt of Nel, and the master carpenter of the Hidden Village. She took Nel in after his parents disappeared, effectively raising him for most of his life.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Alli is a young woman of the Hawk Elf race, with beautiful brown hair, pointed ears, and green eyes. She possesses glasses (doesn't need them, likes the look), and loves to wear dresses, but is never one to care if they get dirty while she is working. She almost always has a wood saw on hand for work matters.

She is a pleasant, warm hearted woman, but takes no nonsense, and can be very temperamental if her woodcrafting is ever insulted. It isn't even wise to so much as scratch her work, lest her wrath be unleashed. She possesses a special sense of humor, much like her nephew.

History Edit

At some point when Nel was very young, his parents disappeared overnight, forcing him into his aunt's care. Ever since, she has struggled to raise him well in order to make her sister proud. Now with Nel reaching adulthood, she feels a small sense of pride in herself.

Role in Far East Edit

The game starts with Alli being frustrated with Nel and his tendency to sleep in when there is work to be done, and after some back and forth quips, Nel sets out to work. When he returns, Alli congratulates him for his hard work and lets him have the rest of the day off.

Sometime later Nel brings Elise over, and after a bit of teasing, lets Nel and Elise go on their way.

Sometime during the middle of the night, Alli is told by the village council, particularly Tama and Lord Ayron that a large scale invasion from the Kingdom of Cale is inbound, and she and the rest of the villagers are to provide a distraction while the young escape.

Just before the invaders reach the Workshop quarter, Alli is contacted by the spirit of Nel's mother, who tells her to stay strong and believe in Nel, and to warn Ayron and Tama of a mysterious being's return. However, a voice cryptically tells her that won't happen.

Going out into battle, Alli is pitted against the superior forces of Cale and makes a brave effort to fight the enemy. However, her efforts are compromised when Haro appears and attacks her. Vastly outmatched, Haro takes no time in dispatching the far weaker Hawk Elf, leading to Alli's death and enabling Haro and General Havoc to move deeper into the village.

Alli ingame

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